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If you're looking for indoor or outdoor pottery products for wholesale, Pottery Depot Direct is your online source for beautiful, durable, competitively priced products. We serve the wholesale pottery client or dealer looking for a large order of top-quality products for retail in nurseries and stores worldwide. Based in Vietnam's Binh Duong Province, we serve clients and ship products worldwide. Current clientele include nursery owners, builders and landscape professionals located in destinations throughout the USA, Mexico, Spain, Netherlands, UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, Australia, Korea, Japan, and Malaysia.

We offer our wholesale pottery clients special, discounted rates based on the volume of products they order, as well as fast shipping. Our competitive prices allow you plenty of room to offer your customers a great price for top-quality pottery products.

Using techniques and talents passed down through generations, Pottery Depot Direct produces Chinese and Vietnamese pottery including:

  • Handmade pottery that is molded, then hand-carved and smoothed, and finally fired in one of our dragon kilns or gas kilns;
  • Indoor pottery including more delicate planters and vases;
  • Outdoor pottery and garden pottery;
  • Terracotta pottery embellished with colored tiles and raised carving.

Most of our wholesale pottery products can be glazed for added durability and color. Our full color spectrum of glaze options ranges from fiery reds and oranges, warm browns and yellows and cool greens and blues. Each of our pottery products is personally checked for the highest quality and is waterproof and frost-resistant.

If you're interested in purchasing wholesale, Pottery Depot Direct has a friendly specialists waiting to hear from you. Contact us at (714) 927-9769 or via our convenient online Live Chat feature today to learn about all the special deals we offer our wholesale clients. In business since 1937, we have the high-quality products and industry expertise to assure you a wide selection of beautiful pottery products your customers will love.