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For beautiful, durable outdoor pottery, Phong Thanh's Pottery Depot Direct is your online source for a full range of pottery products including garden pottery and handmade pottery for all kinds of decorative and functional purposes. Founded in 1938, Pottery Depot Direct offers products made in the ancient Chinese and Vietnamese traditions with techniques and talents passed down through generations.

Each and every piece of our outdoor pottery is specially crafted and quality checked to assure a durable, waterproof and frost-resistant product that will hold up beautifully against the rain, snow and heat and last for years. Outdoor pottery products include flower pots of all sizes and shapes, large vases, fountains and garden features including sculptures and landscaping pavers. Clients use our outdoor pottery and garden pottery to enhance their gardens or create movable garden elements. Fill one of our large flower pots with Asiatic lilies, African violets or flame dahlias for a burst of natural color on your deck, patio, balcony or porch steps. Or use them in your garden to create a varied looks that can be moved or switched out with the varied seasons or simply your personal whims. Our clients also find our outdoor pottery products attractive and handy storage options for many outdoor items. Place one near your swimming pool and fill it with towels for your guests, or use them to hide gardening tools.

Many of our products can be customized with your choice of a range of colorful glazes from fiery oranges and reds to warm cappuccinos and browns to cool blues and greens. And if you don't see the shape or size outdoor pottery product you're looking for, let us know. We'll make every effort to customize an existing Pottery Depot Direct product or create a whole new piece that perfectly meets your needs.

Pottery Depot Direct serves individuals and retailers worldwide in the USA, Mexico, Spain, Netherlands, UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, Australia, Korea, Japan, and Malaysia. Whether you're looking for a single, unique piece of outdoor pottery for your balcony garden or a full selection of wholesale pottery for your store, we can help. Use our website's convenient Live Chat feature or call us at (714) 927-9769 to speak with a friendly specialist today.