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Glazed Pottery

Add a burst of brilliant color to your home, garden, patio or deck with Pottery Depot Direct's glazed pottery. We offer a full spectrum of colorful finishes for our terracotta, old stone, fiberstone and cement pottery items ranging from spicy reds and oranges to warm browns and yellows to cool blues and greens. Among our clients' favorite glazed pottery options are:

  • Moss Blue: A mix of feathery blues and greens evoke visions of the blue moss cypress trees native to Eastern Asia.
  • Cappuccino: Fiery reds and oranges with touches of purple and yellow that bring to mind an evening of sipping hot coffee by a warm fireplace.
  • Atlantis: Love antiques? Atlantis glazed pottery carries the look of an ancient treasure pulled from the sea.
  • Rustic: A reddish rust color warms up any room and gives a redwood-like touch to a garden.
  • Crystal Blue: Icy blues and silvery gray specs lend a cool, refreshing feel that makes a perfect decorative addition to your patio or deck on hot summer days.
  • Terracotta: A light glaze adds durability but retains a natural, earthen color that goes with virtually any dècor.

Our glazed pottery is durable, waterproof and frost-resistant. It's able to stand up against the scorching rays of the sun and the color fading and material eroding effects of the rain and snow, assuring you years of enjoyment. Browse through our color sheet of more than 20 available finishes to choose the perfect color for your indoor or outdoor glazed pottery.

Prices for new finishes vary. To find out more, use our convenient, online Live Chat feature to reach a friendly pottery specialist today, or call us at (714) 927-9769. Let Pottery Depot Direct create a stunning glazed pottery item that adds a unique touch to your garden, patio and home dècor today.